Uppada pattu Cheeralu

Sarees are the portrayal of Indian heritage and culture. Whenever a woman in India wears a saree, she makes a remarkable impression which dignifies the country. The true beauty of an Indian woman elevates when she wears a saree. Saree in India comes in variety. Banarasi sarees, maheswari sarees, kanjiwaram sarees, cotton sarees and many more. There are more than thousand types of sarees in India. But one which is most trending these days, catching the eye of everyone is Uppada sarees. These are either have silk base or cotton base.

Actually, Uppada is a village located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a town that comes under East Godavari district. The birth of Uppada sarees took place in this village. The localities there call it Uppada pattu Cheeralu.

uppad sarees

Beauty of Uppada Sarees

Uppada sarees are very beautiful and a treat for everyone to watch. The eye-catching part of Uppada sarees is its borders. It has beautiful zari border, multi-coloured patch border,. These sarees come in beautiful bright colors which when worn makes the person look divine.

These sarees are mostly worn in parties, weddings and any other special occasion. It flaunts the personality of the person who wears it. Uppada sarees depicts the culture and creativity of people of uppdda.

Uppada sarees have delicate zari work and you can also get gold or silver thread work on it. The most amusing part of these sarees are, they are all handmade. Yes, Uppada  is famous for its handloom work and all the work in these sarees are hand woven.

Uppada Cotton sarees are also very famous. They come in different styles, prints, borders and colors. They are very comfortable yet very elegant to wear. The silk sarees are no doubt beautiful, but cotton sarees are much economical, comfortable. It is also easy to maintain a cotton saree while a uppada siilk saree requires a lot of maintenance.

Each and every Uppada sarees is unique and artistic. Padmasali community living in uppada (Andhra Pradesh) is the main community that is engaged in making of these uppada sarees. They keep on developing the skill according to the trend without losing any touth of authentication. You can find pure authentic Uppada saree as well you can also go for a bit modern touch in it.

Earlier, it was not easy to get Uppada silk sarees everywhere and not everyone was aware about the beautiful sarees. But nowadays, Uppada sarees are manufactured as well as exported to various cities. There are various dealers that can provide Uppada sarees so that every women who want the privilege to wear these beautiful, handcrafted Uppada sarees can easily fulfil their desire.

kuppadam sarees are the one attire that can make you stand out of the crowd, that can get you uncountable praises and that can make you feel like a beautiful Indian Princess which you always wanted to be as a kid. All you have to do is team up with some beautiful jewellery, some bangles and a bindi and you are all set to amuse everyone.

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